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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
probably going to be the most weird post here. and you probably won't believe me. and i'll make it short.

Yes, Obama is a 32nd. There are 34s, and 33rds.

There is only 1 34th degree free-mason.

A small group of 33rds.

32nds. meh. it's all about the 33rds... and him...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1443555

Also wrong. Good gosh a lot of you folk are deeply confused misled men and women. But whatever real brothers that may be here will help you understand the subtlety of the gentle craft of Masonry.

In a Regular Masonic Lodge (or Blue Lodge) there are 3 Degrees. That is the end of regular Masonic instruction, there is no Masonic Degree Higher than that of the 3rd Degree, that of Master Mason. It ends there.
However, there are other organizations that shed additional light, or knowledge on the first 3 Degrees of the Masonic Blue Lodge, and DO NOT in ANY WAY confer ADDITIONAL HIGHER DEGREES, nothing in Masonry is higher than Master Mason, I cant stress it enough. There is what we in America call the York Rite, which sheds more light on the last Degree you received, that of Master Mason, in elaborate stage performance. Nothing more. The Degrees of the York Rite begin at 4 and go up, ending FAR FAR FAR before the mid 20's. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR) goes as high as 33, ALTHOUGH you must be a dignified Mason, you must have done something of worth for your community, shown outstanding service to the Fraternity or larger community as a whole, or been a great Masonic scholar. This is an Honorary Title, not a Degree to take. The 32 degree does not run freemasonry, and if a 32 Degree were to be received into any Masonic lodge they would not be introduced as such, they would be introduced as Brother Master Mason __________.
The 32 Degree does not make you a Grand Master, or anything fanciful you nutcases believe it to. You sit in a room, take part in learning history, and in a matter of a few days to a few weeks can be a 32 Degree, stop making up lies to confuse people.

As for the Satan Worship, of course your nut job, speak in tongues wacky ass christian minister said that blasphemous shit, he is crazy. The Sun and Moon play a role, but only an Allegorical or Metaphorical one. If only you knew, if only...

By the way, the Mayo Brothers (of the Mayo Clinic) J.C. Penney, Dave Thomas, Harland Sanders, and many many beloved public figures (such as POPE J.P. III) were Freemasons, along with Red Skelton, John Glenn, and many others you people admire otherwise.

You are welcome.


Brother Nyima
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