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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Nyima
Post Content
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I hate Barack Obama, but I'd be much more likely to approve of him if he WERE a mason. It would show some level of morality and commitment to community. Unfortunately for the conspiracy wingbats here, he is NOT a mason.

By the way - degrees don't matter. A 3rd degree mason is the same as a 33rd degree mason. There is no degree higher than the 3rd degree.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 495949

Obviously you know nothing about freemasonry or you never got any further than a 3rd degree mason because degrees mean a lot actually. I wish you would do research before posting what you just think is true! Why would there be degrees in masonry if they didnt matter? DUH!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 510851

I keep forgetting to put my name in the top, sorry!

Ok, obviously you are all wearing blinders so I will make it VERY clear.

3rd Degree is the highest Degree possible.

Let me make example;
I am a white male, 22 years of age, I am a Fellowcraft Mason in a Lodge of Regularly Constituted Masons, almost a Master Mason. Sadly I used to slander the Fraternity before I came to know it, as many of you fine but misinformed men do. I am also a Buddhist, and plan on Ordaining and becoming a monk.

I have a friend, Master Mason, Templar, Cryptic Council, Royal Arch, same age, who wants to be a Christian monk.

Another who is a Master Mason, Templar, soon to be Master of the Lodge, Cryptic Council, Royal Arch, and is Mexican.

I have seen Jewish brothers received by their Volume of Sacred Law, and as a Buddhist was received on mine, the Nikayas. There is NOTHING higher than the 3rd, and NOBODY or NO BODY (appendant or affiliated) which confers a degree HIGHER than the 3rd, nobody runs the Grand Lodge of Oregon but RWBro. Hunt Compton, Grand Master of the state. Same applies for each individual state, there is no higher body than the Blue Lodge. AASR (Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite) and the ARSR (Ancient Rectified Scottish Rite) has no bearing, control, or hand in our affairs.

What I find interesting is that you claim to know, you are convinced you know but are not a member, meaning you are limited in knowledge, though FreeMasonry for Dummies will tell all, you pretend otherwise, without initiation or study.

The other Amusement Ive stumbled accross. You martyr us, but when your children need medical attention for free.99 you take them to a Shriners Hospital. Funny how when you walk in those doors, they dont ask about Masonic affiliation, you opinions religiously or politically, nor do they ask for payment. They save children daily and are concerned with helping and nothing more. All Shriners are Master Masons, though not all Master Masons are Shriners. Ask Brad Paisley and his father, grandfather and great grandfather, all Master Masons, Shriners and members of the Scottish Rite. We are SOOOOO evil.


Brother Nyima
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