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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle get a "job"
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their is no special secret about life and the enormity that any one segregated group can have. those things are internal and can are something that we all possess in ourselves not some secret group that even with a secret group that has a secret group within a secret group in a secret group that has a secret person has secret info.

First off the Negroes can't be 32nd degree free masons. No matter how much of the good white genes he has.

Second...his mama is from Wichita. Are there any Jews is Wichita? Maybe that one that kills all those babies but beyond that I am thinking they are Jew free.
Whoever wrote this has about as much intelligence as a piece of crap stuck on a donkey's ass. Was retardation passed down from your parents ?
 Quoting: Noble Neil 490901
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