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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle The Spectre
Post Content
Hey People... Why in 2008 they are still people thinking that a " Negroe" can't be a 32nd degree mason, first of all black people are free in mind and soul like every one else.

He can be what ever he want to be. in his life, like white, hispanics, chinesse, jews... etc etc etc.

After all if we look back to history, America belongs to the Indians. and the white guys went to Africa to capture free mens and make them as slaves.

Also happens in caribbean and SouthAmerica, with the spaniards. The only difference that the black people recieve their liberty and rights before the ones in the United States thanks to a European movement at that time.

But the best of this that Spaniard, Indians and Black became in to a new kind of Race.. the caribean Hispanic and we are proud of that. Because we evolutionate to a new meaning, a meaning of liberty and opportunities to everybody no matter if you are black or white...
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