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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Widow's Son
Post Content
Most entertaining thread ever! OK. It's extremely easy to weed through this thread and figure out who's a brother rather quickly.

This is something I would love to hear an explanation to:

If Free Masonary is such a secret society of conspirators, why in the world do we have rings that show we belong, post bumper stickers on our cars, have huge signs above our lodges, and regularly participate in parades, charity events, community functions, etc....

If we wanted to conspire, don't you think we'd try to hide ourselves a bit more?

And I saw a previous post where you have to be asked to be a mason? That's a new one to me. Instead of showing your IQ on these threads, why not volunteer and get active in your community to change the things you see need changing? Is your mom's basement that comfortable?

BTW, I heard the rumor that Obama may be a fellow brother so I was trying to find some sort of fact behind it, but have not yet found it. Kind of dissappointed honestly.
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