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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle REALIST1
Post Content
>>>What's the Zion of the 33rd degree thing? And why does it mean the Illuminati cannot control his actions??

I think that anyone can get a 32nd degree, but you have to go across the continent to become a 33rd degree mason. I doubt if there are many of those.

Supposedly, the Masons are a front for devious actions, but you don't have privy to the upper echelons until you're a 33rd degree mason.

You don't have to travel across the continent to become a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason, it's an honorary degree, nothing more, no secret wisdom, no hidden truths revealed. I know several 33rd degree Masons, and they've never left the state, and are very active in local charities. I'm a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, no devious actions in any part of it. Again, this is one of the stupidest posts I've seen in awhile, from people who don't understand what their talking about at all, and who'll believe anything they read. I'm a big conspiracy buff myself, or I wouldn't be coming to this page at all, but it's a good site for all the crazy, and some not so crazy conspiracies. But all the Masonic/NWO/Bilderburg/Illuminati ones are just crap from people who what to see the boogieman everywhere. Unless most of the founders of this nation, and many others in free nations around the world for the last 400 are forming free democracies only to somewhere 400 to 500 years down the road form them into one super government that isn't a democracy, that goes against all the tenents of Masonary, then sure, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were the boogymen.
 Quoting: Hiram Abiff

What you "know" means jackshit. Do you think your elders would have told you the truth ? Haha - you were fed loads of BS and disinformation in order to stop leaking. Couldn't help yourdelf their could you ? NO wonder you were told NOTHING OF SUBSANCE because you're NOT WORTHY.

Illuminati degrees do EXIST, 33 Degree Freemasons are split into different groups. You don't qualify - END OF STORY.
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