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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
First off id like to thank all the non-masons who THINK they know anything about masonry ... they have had had me almost laughing into tears reading some of there post. For those who are true brothers of the craft id like to thank you for trying to shed some true light about masonry in this forum, may you continue to travel light and the G.A.O.T.U. continue to watch over you.

"Those who know will always know, those who don't know will never know".

Just happened on this sight about all this Freemason stuff. Its interesting how anyone claiming to be a mason can say they worship God. To all who want to really know that don't understand Freemasons and for most of the lower degree masons that probably don't have a clue what there getting into this whole country was built by Masons. The Countries capital is designed off of occult believes. Do the research and take a good look at DC and all of its representation of symbols and architecture, you will see what I mean. The Idea of original Masons was to worship the same concepts and fake Idols of Gods as did the Egyptians, Greeks and many other societies that blasphemed our lord God and Jesus Christ. The real disturbing one is BAAL which is another name for Lucifer. For all of you Masons reading this and feeling offended don't be, Wake up and look to Jesus Christ for salvation before it is to late. The time of revelation is upon us, are you ready? To the last quote from the gentleman above this I quote from the Bible, " You will all have a chance to know our Lord Jesus Christ and those of you who choose not to know him will never know eternal life and will suffer perish on the day judgment"

Oh by the way I know all about Freemasons and I am not one thank God. I am a proud recent medically retired veteran of 16 years wounded in Combat defending the innocent women and children of this country not our Government or our Flag. A Flag that I would gladly burn for what its origin of representation mean and the true meaning of the five pointed stars in which our first President its cultist meaning. All senior Masons Know exactly what I'm talking about.

This sight name is jacked any how

10th SFG(A)

not the god ur thinking about. over heaven and hell but the god who controls this galaxy. Satan.
look up the defintion of god- u will see its means supreme being of the universe.
anyways this nation was founded on witchcraft and mason in 1776. look on the back of the dollar sign
by the way
benjamin franklin, george washington, jay-z, nas, kanye-west, dame dash, obama, mc cain, george bush are ALL MASON!!!!!!. do your home work
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 194707

all i can do is smile when people say witch craft. the statement witch craft is so old and out-dated that it makes one wonder if we're still living in the dark ages. yes masonry is a craft, and a skill as all artists are with their crafts. but the craft of Freemasonry is adorned in truth, honor and virtue.

but my only question to fellows who know nothing of the truth of Freemasonry: Since we all agree someone has to run the country and a handful of people need to run the world, who would you rather is be run by? Sadamn, Hister or a Freemason?

You don't think a Freemason studies and applis honor and virtue only to be a snake behind the public's back, just in order to bring or keep it down do you? If that were the case than that person would eventually lose their power and control and standard of living.

Freemason Presidents want the world (and especially our country and citizens) to be happy, safe and prosperous. That makes everyone happy.
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