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The Crystal Power and Energies in Atlantis

Anonymous Coward
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02/23/2008 01:37 PM
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The Crystal Power and Energies in Atlantis
The use of crystals as a power manipulator during the Golden Age was very likely not a development from that era, 10,000 to 4,000 B.C., but was a form of technology inherited from a culture far older -- the culture of Atlantis, which was destroyed during the polar shift and magnetic reversal 12,000 years ago.

In the older Atlantean civilization, crystals were used quite extensively, and misused to such a degree that they eventually led to the catastrophe which caused Atlantis to disappear into the ocean. Our chief sources of information comes from a number of psychics, who have described for us, each in their own way, yet in strikingly similar depictions, the Atlantean technology of crystal power.

“Al Miner, world renowned trance-channel, through the source “Lama Sing” Lama-Sing,” has has this to say about Atlantean crystal technology....

"The Atlantean used the knowledge of the crystal refraction, amplification and storage. It is known that a beam of light directed intensely and focused specifically on certain series of facets in a gem will, when it exits from the reflective plane of the gem, be amplified rather than diminished. Further, these amplified energies were broken down into a wide and sophisticated spectrum. The Atlanteans used the spectrum of this energy so as to be more usable, and for a specific purpose, much as one would use petroleum in terms of its various spectrum limitations for specific purposes.

Extracting certain properties same basic substance, they used certain divisions of the energy for growing things. Others for healing, others for knowledge or incensement of substance. Other phases of spectrum for disassembling molecular structures, and yet other combinations of these strata for building, assembling structures, as in chains; or producing matter, transmutation of matter. Their basic technology is still available in the earth plane in various locations.

When it is proper and when it is in accord with G-d's will you shall have it again. But with it will come a burden of spiritual decision and needed growth. Man cannot have hate, hostility, and anxiety within his being. He must replace this with love, tranquility, compassion and patience. For at the time these knowledge's are recovered, man will have many of the so-called secrets towards the creation, and conversely the destruction of matter.

Crystals have the ability to transfer energy, to retain it, to maintain its intensity, to focus and transmit it over great distance to similar receivers as are equal or comparable to the transmitter. Thus, from one pyramid to another the Atlantean, in a sense, transmitted energy. That when the face of the earth, as it is called, was directed toward a certain point one pyramid would function to intensify and transmit energies to other pyramids which would then act as receiving devices and would disperse energy as it was needed. The opposite would be true, when that pyramid was at unfocusedly point to their celestial alignment the others would transmit to those. It was a very simple method, very effective method. Though it brought them many difficulties later.

In 1981, Revered Dr. Frank Alper, founder of the Arizona Metaphysical Society, channeled a series of readings dealing with life in ancient Atlantis, and that civilization's use of crystals for everyday purposes. Some of the major points revealed in the readings were these: The Atlantean crystals were natural forms, but their growths were speeded up. Some specimens of clear quartz were produced to almost 25 feet high and 10 feet in diameter, had 12 sides and were used for storing and transmitting power . Each had totally flawless and polished surfaces, so that there would be an undisturbed flow of energies through them from one crystal pole to the other.

Small crystals, four to five feet high, were infused with different colors, and had a variety number of facets, to be used for different purposes, such as healing, meditation, psychic development, increasing mental capacity, communications, powering generators dematerialization, and transport of objects, magnetic force fields, and travel at speeds undreamed of by our culture today.

A number of crystals were shaped into inverted pyramids, with four to six sides, were infused with various shades of pin or rose, which created a light beam for surgery, by changing molecular structure, and for soothing pain, particularly in the delicate areas of the brain, the eyes, the heart and reproductive organs. Gold or yellow crystals changed colors to deeper hues in the presence of disease or bodily vibration disorders. Ruby and purple stones helped cure emotional and spiritual problems; and black crystals, no longer in existence, were powerful protectors.

For general rejuvenation and a return of vitality the ancient Atlantean periodically meditated 15 to 20 minutes inside a circle of 6, 11, 22 or 24 stones of different types, holding a clear quartz in their hands, which acted as a control and focalizes.

All these various crystals received their power from a variety of sources, including the Sun, the Earth's energy grid system, or from each other. The larger stones, called Fire Crystals, were the central receiving and broadcasting stations, while others acted as receivers for individual cities, buildings, vehicles and homes. On a higher spiritual level, rooms made of crystals were places where the Initiates left their bodies in the Final Transcendence, often never to return.

In the modern Bermuda Triangle, on the ocean bottom where the ruins of Atlantis now exist, the energy built up in the sunken and damaged Fire Crystals can periodically trigger dematerializations of anything in the area. In this excerpt from the readings, Alper gives details of how the ancient crystal systems worked, for protecting and energizing a large metropolis:

"Around the perimeter of the city of Orax, were placed several thousand crystals, elongated in shape and hexagonal on the sides. They served as the grounding points for this magnetic dome. Through these crystals was generated the magnetic field that protected the city. The power to these crystals was generated from the central core which was exactly in the center of the city.

The power of the core was conducted to the crystals on the perimeter through a system of copper rods. These rods lead from the center core to each of the crystals in perimeter. From these rods, dissecting the diameter of the city, there were many thou sands of points where the energy could be drawn off to supply power necessary for other functions and uses.

These rods were placed approximately six feet beneath the surface of the ground and also served to make the earth quite fertile to produce food and vegetation. 'When entry into the city was desired by a visiting ship, the power to one or two of the crystals was lowered to create an opening in the magnetic field to allow for the entry of the ship. If this was not done, the ship would have crashed, for it could not have penetrated the force field."

One of the most detailed descriptions of the Atlantean use of a mysterious instrument called the Great Crystal was given by the famed psychic of Virginia Beach, Edgar Cayce. In the numerous trance readings he gave over a five decade period, Cayce alluded to the Atlantean Great Crystal time and time again, and a compilation of his words form a fascinating picture. The Crystal, he said, was housed in a special building oval in shape, with a dome that could be rolled back, exposing the Crystal to the light of the sun, moon and stars at the most favorable times.

The interior of the building was lined with non-conducting metal or stone, similar to asbestos or bakelite, a thermosetting plastic. The Crystal itself, which Cayce also called the Tuaoi Stone, or Firestone, was huge in size, cylindrical in length, and prismatic in shape, cut with six sides. Atop the Crystal was a moveable capstone, used to both concentrate incoming rays of energy, and to direct currents to various parts of the Atlantean countryside.

It appears the Crystal gathered solar, lunar, stellar, atmospheric and Earth energies as well as unknown elemental forces and concentrated these at a specific point, located between the top of the Crystal and the bottom of the capstone. The psychic also alluded to the fact that the Crystal became hot when in operation; it employed inducted methods; utilized a kind of wave energy other than electromagnetic; and it melted an invisible beam of energy that could pass through water and solid matter.

The energy of the Crystal was used for various purposes, in different periods of Atlantean history. In the beginning, about 50,000 years ago, the Great Crystal was operated exclusively by the Initiates, or those spiritually advanced enough to handle such a tremendous source of power. At first, the energies were used as a means of communication between 'the finite and the 'Infinite' -- an oracle that at this remote period in history, the Crystal was the development of a prehistoric Wisdom which, as in the later Golden Age, recognized that all energies in the universe are but aspects of one energy, and one Mind.

There are, as were set in the beginning, as far as the concern is of this physical earth plane, those rules or laws in the relative force of those that govern the earth, and the beings of the earth plane, and also that same law governs the planets, starts , constellations, groups, that constitute the sphere, the space in which the planet moves. These are of one force, and we see the manifestations of the relation of one force with another in the many various phases as is shown.

As the peoples (of early Atlantis) were a peaceful peoples, their developments took on rather that form -- with the developing into the physical material bodies -- of the fast development, or to the using of the elements about them to their own use; recognizing themselves to be a part of that about them. That spirit that uses matter, that uses every influence in the earth's environ for the glory of the Creative Forces, partakes of and is a part of the Universal Consciousness.' (Readings 3744-4, 364-4, 35 08-1).

As time progressed, however, the Atlantean civilization matured further, the Crystal's energies were also utilized in rejuvenating the human body. By it, the Atlantean were able to live hundreds of years, yet always maintain a youthful appearance. As technology advanced in Atlantis, the energies of the Crystal were put to a wider variety of material uses. Cayce spoke of the Crystal's force acting upon certain 'instruments' which in turn operated 'various modes of travel through induction methods.'

Currents of energy were transmitted throughout the land, like radio waves, and powered by these, crafts and vehicles traversed the land, through the sky and under the sea at the speed of sound. By utilization of other currents originating form the Crystal, the Atlantean were also able to transmit over great distances the human voice, the pictures, like modern television. In the same manner, even heat and light could be directed to specific buildings or open arenas, giving illumination and warmth by seemingly invisible means.

Toward the end of their existence, however, the Atlantean became greedier for more power, the operation of the Crystal was taken over by those of less spiritual fortitude, and the energies of the Great Crystal were tuned to higher and more destructive frequencies.

Finally, the Crystal was tuned too high, activating volcanoes and melting mountains, ultimately causing the submergence of Atlantis, and perhaps even the axis shift of the Earth itself. In one reading, the psychic describes specifically how the Crystal energies were directed into the Earth, overloading the Earth energy grid system.

"When there were those destructive forces brought through the creating of the high influences of the earth. " Reading 263-4). John H. Sutton, a NASA researcher involved with applications of low energy plasmas, believes that the Great Crystal Cayce was describing was a 'laser-fusion reactor/gravity wave generator.' He suggests that when intense gravity waves were generated by the Crystal and beamed into the Earth, the planet's crystalline quartz, which occurs in granite rock as high as 25 percent throughout the crust, absorbed the energy and the resulting melt-down of large masses of subterranean quartz would have been the triggering mechanism for causing major slippage along the Earth's fault-lines, destroying Atlantis and precipitating a global shift.

Interestingly, Cayce stipulated further that knowledge of the Great Crystal, its design and construction, and instructions on its operations and uses, will one day be found hidden in three different locations -- in the sunken ruins of Atlantis near modern Bimini in the Bahamas, in the Hall of Records buried near the Sphinx in Egypt, and in the lost Temple of Iltar yet to be fully explored in modern Yucatan.

In one reading, Number 440-5, given in December 1933, the psychic revealed that crude models of the Crystal were at the time already being discovered in Central America, by members of the Pennsylvania State Museum. What he was referring to were excavations being carried out from 1931 to 1938, by E.R. Johnson of the Museum, at the site of Piedras Negras ('Place of Black Stones'), in Guatemala. The site was a Mayan Old Empire center, and is distinguished by a number of large, intricately carved stone stelae or commemorative standing monuments. There were also curious circular, table-like stones, also carved with scenes and pictographs.

Cayce observed that the stone models "are set in the front of the temple, between the service temple and the outer court temple, or the priest activity, in the alter that stood before the door of the tabernacle. This alter or stone, the stands between the activities of the priest. For of course, this is degenerated from the original use and purpose, but is the nearest and closest one to be found."

Furthermore, the psychic claimed, still other portions of the Crystal models are to be found in museums in both Washington and Chicago. However, Cayce stressed the identification of the models or clues as to their function will not be found without a 'transformation' having occurred on a personal, spiritual level. "For as given, do not confuse self and those about self. Not that this should be sought. Not that information may not be asked for, but be sure that the records are read -- and those that have been given may only be read by those who have cleansed or purified themselves."

Another psychic who has received information on the mysterious power source of the Atlantean is Washington columnist and author Ruth Montgomery. Like Cayce, Montgomery learned that the ancient Atlantean used an advanced energy created by what her spirit guides called the Great Crystal. Ages ago, the Atlantean had discovered a huge vein of quartz, and after careful shaping and etching facets into the crystalline surface, a gem was finally created that collected every ray of the sun, and transformed it into useful power.

The Atlantean also built a reflector for it, and housed it in a gigantic domed building with a moveable top, so that the energy could be directed wherever desired. nearby, 'copper vats' for storage were constructed, so that the energy was always available. According to Montgomery's guides, the secret of the Great Crystal was in its carbon structure, which by an unrevealed process was 'sufficiently powerful enough to raise the level of energy ten thousand times that of any known instrument today.'

The Atlantean discovered that this 'broadcast power' could be used to propel vehicles. The guides claim that the Great Crystal was powerful enough that 'when directed through the rays of the sun it created sparks so strong that ships would take off from the earth and move in area currents, directed by facets of the Crystal in controlled pattern' Other vehicles were powered by the same source, which swam beneath the seas.' In fact, the Great Crystal could 'drive machines across the heavens and beneath the sea' practically anywhere in the world. It was also used as an important source of communication.

Montgomery learned the Atlantean utilized certain Crystal frequencies like a radio and even television. 'The pictures were viewed on round images,' the psychic wrote, 'which projected a ray, and were thrown on walls or any blank surface, so that there w as no need for screens or tubes.' Montgomery then received these prophetic words: "Within the Crystal lie the secrets that will revolutionize the world, supplying all power needs and energy forces."

In Egypt, Montgomery was told the Atlantean built temples that also used the sun's rays like the Great Crystal, only for the specific purpose of healing. 'The rays were directed to cubicles where patients stretched out on couches and received the benefit properties without the dangerous ones. What was this unknown healing process? It may one day be used in the treatment of cancer.'
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United States
02/23/2008 01:44 PM
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Re: The Crystal Power and Energies in Atlantis
good read.
here is one piece to some new info for you.

not sure what it all means yet.. but, the more that see it. the more can proof it and fill in their pieces too?