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Message Subject 16th Amendment NEVER ratified by ANY State - Joe Banister
Poster Handle The Good Reverend Roger
Post Content

Uh huh. Betcha you pay your taxes anyway, this year.

Bet you suck federal cock all year long...

What? No denial?

So much for your "liberty or death" bravado.

You don't know me motherfucker, I owe you know answer, Fuck off and Die you worthless piece of shit...


I'll Run along now...I'm totally blustered and bloviated.ready to be put down like a downer cow, You Truthers always do that to me and my kind...

I'll Go pay my taxes like the good little Bootlickin AssKissin MotherFucker that I am.


 Quoting: Eyes Wide Open

You lose, airhead. lmao
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