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Message Subject 16th Amendment NEVER ratified by ANY State - Joe Banister
Poster Handle HardTruth
Post Content
16th Amendment NEVER ratified by ANY State - Joe Banister

[link to www.youtube.com]

Joe Banister's explosive revelation - not only was the 16th Amendment NOT properly ratified by the required 3/4ths of the then 48 states of the United States, it was ratified by NONE of them.

In fact, Kentucky was put down as having voted FOR the amendment, when in fact it had REJECTED it.

The IRS relies on the 16th Amendment as justifying its tax-collecting powers. Since the 16th Amendment is void, so is the IRS.

Thank you for revealing this, Joe Banister.

Joe learned from Bill Benson, who has personally gone to each of the 48 states and has researched the actual voting records on the 16th Amendment. He has 17,000 historical documents showing that it was never ratified.

A federal prosecutor offered Bill a deal - a great, high-paying job and an easy treatment on tax charges - if Bill agreed to turn over his 17,000 documents to the government (to hide the fact that the 16th Amendment was never passed).

 Quoting: Eyes Wide Open

Ohio was the winning vote for the 16th amendment.. Ohio was not legally a state then and according to some people's research, it still isn't.. Something strange about Ohio...Isn't this where the planes disappeared off the radar before hitting the World Trade Centers?

Let the truth be told... though the heavens fall!
Nothing is more dangerous, than trying to give truth to people, who are stuck in their ways...
I am not bound by the laws of original sin..I am one of the other people..
[link to www.paganlibrary.com]
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