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Message Subject Moonvertising is here I kid you not
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They're going to try it during a FULL moon? You would have better luck whispering to somebody who's on the other side of a moving train. Green light added to a bright white full moon is still going to be WHITE LIGHT; you won't see shit!

And if they somehow become smart enough to try it during a NEW moon instead, and are successful, they'll all be killed. Nobody wants to see that shit on their moon. Nobody at all. Not even the most evil scum on earth. This beer company would literally be nuked out of existence by TPTB, nevermind the angry peasants and their pitch forks, or the native americans and their weaponized broken beer bottles.

Most likely they already know it's not going to work. They won't even try to make it work. They just want suckers like you to tell everybody about their beer. Good job.
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