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Message Subject LAST TRUMPET - Newsletter March 08 America - An Abomination That Maketh Desolate!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He stood before his audience as a full, life-size and three-dimensional person while he was seven thousand miles away. He appeared as a perfect hologram, and one would not be able to tell the difference between this hologram and a real-life appearance. It was that perfect. When the speech was over, he vanished before the very eyes of the audience as his body image disintegrated into thousands of light particles and disappeared. (14) This sort of electronic marvel is Satan's attempt to be omnipresent. Can you imagine the possibilities? With such technology it would be possible to stage a false second coming of Christ, saying, "Lo, here is Christ, or lo, he is there!"

Damn now everybody knows how they did the Texas UFO and the Phoenix Lights. Thanks for blowing this big secret , NOT called blue beam, damn when are you all going to get it?
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