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Message Subject The Book Of Enoch
Poster Handle No I Didn't !!
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So much has been hidden from us!! My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is very, very REAL in my life, as is God the Father (creator)and the Holy Spirit....so don't get me wrong - I try to live by every word out of Jesus' mouth, along with adhering to the Ten Commandments.

Problems arise when the truth has been usurped by greedy, power-hungry priests and politicians who want total control.

I'm sure there was a lot of that TRUTH destroyed at the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Maybe some TRUTH is filed away in the Vatican archives ???

I've read the Bible from cover to cover - try to do it EVERY year. There are some things that I struggle with and I've prayed and prayed about them. Many of my questions have been clarified for me, but there is ONE BIGGIE.

What is the mystery with BLOOD????? I hate the thought of my Lord having to BLEED and suffer for ME. I don't understand what BLOOD has to do with salvation. I don't understand the concept of why BLOOD had to be used in sacrifices at all!!!

I understand that BLOOD is considered the "life-force" and I know that scientific experiments have proven that the red blood cells retain a person's consciousness even when miles away from their origin. I even know that the DNA is in the BLOOD. I just don't understand why it's part of our salvation.

Can someone please help me here?
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