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Message Subject The Book Of Enoch
Poster Handle well bully for he...
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I have read it several times. You can see its effect in the Old And new Testament. Also the Dead sea scrolls Have the book of Enoch in them but their under lock and key owned by the Mossad and the Rockefeller foundation. They have confirmed the the Ethiopian books are the same as in the Dead Sea Scrolls.they refuse to transcribe most of the Dead Sea Scrolls or let any body near them for obvious reasons.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 404615

let them cling to their false hope "of knowing without understanding moreso than that which they consider the "common man" to have gleaned, and yea, to have understood

for tis just such a "common man" that will rise to unadulterated power over all their kind and have no small part in the inevitable undoing of his ilk...

I'd probably hide the truth myself were I of like mindedness with evil as is he...

of course I'd likely think better of it in pursuit of that which all my money could never afford me in truth

a place in the perfection of the Eternity on a completely rejuvenated Earth

during the third and final Age, yet to come

something which all their ill begotten bounty could never begin to afford them in reality

of course perhaps we should hide this fact from the old geezer, might give him recourse in which case he might be allowed to participate in such, which scares the living hell right outta me since I understand that some are incapable of righteousness, and even still there are those who are simply distasteful in every regard

regardless of consequence thereto

; )

those who are ground into the dirt, face first in same during the course of their flesh existence, are destined to overcome and prevail whereas "the high minded of the lot" will not be recalled in future tense

how else could we be assured that there be no tears in Heaven...
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