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Message Subject The Book Of Enoch
Poster Handle ninigiku
Post Content
ok, so jacob saw a "ladder" reaching up from the earth and into the heavens?
there is alot more to the story than that.

enochian angel stuff is actually based on something that is more relevant than most people will ever understand, but i'm not really into it.
go to the sumerian sources (with sitchins help), and figure it out for yourself.
WARNING: sitchin does not attempt to inform you of Earth's history past the point of 2000 BC.
the next two thousand years until Christ appeared are a whole different story.
this "story" might involve the disappearance of the Anunnaki-Nephalim... it might involve at least ONE of them remaining on Earth... which one is it, Marduk/Ra?
is he still alive?
perhaps he left when "jesus" did...

see these are questions.
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