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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle ShannonBrus :]
Post Content
omfg, what?

it didn't look like you were to worried about your poition standing on top of a cliff, with a video camera!
alot of people have respect for the general idea of soldiers; the idea that they all risk their lives just so we can continue living our lazy day-to-day lives back at home, in our safe communitys. But that doesn't mean you can run around being morons! if the puppies were disease ridden then why not find a more humane way to do it? surely throwing them over the edge of a cliff (not only making a sort of arrow pointing to the fact that theres people up above) would have been a slow and painful death if the puppies were unlucky enough to survive the fall. Hows about I throw you off a cliff, and see how you feel afterwards?

And you said something about them giving your positions away? How were the PUPPIES supposed to know that they were going to fuck up your plans, ehh? fuckin simple minded american boys, is all you are. i bet if you had put females out there in that exact situation it would never have unfolded like that.

so shut your mouth and keep your pathetic lies to yourself.

no one really cares about your half-ass lives. if you think your so great for joining the army that you can be so cruel to undeserving creatures the un-fucking-join, cunts.

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