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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle just sayin
Post Content
Oh yeah. That damned dog. That disease ridden animal knew what he was doing when he attacked those marines. In fact, he probably knew exactly what he was doing when he flew those planes into the World Trade Center. So, we should lose all of our humanity and kill all the animals just because....why? Ahhhh...hell. we really are the people our parents warned us about. Of course, they are the people their parents warned us about as well. What in God's name has happened to humanity? Oh, my mistake. Look at history. The Salem witch trials. The Inquisition. The Hundred Year War. William Wallis. Slavery. Dredd Scott. Mississippi Burning. Jim Crow. Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin (just sayin'). All those cops in Alabama knew their lives were in danger when peaceful people stepped off of those buses. Some of us now will send our sons and daughters off to war. What do we we tell them. To kill puppies?
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