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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Your lucky I didn't c this till now u bitch this is the reason y I'm n the army and not the marines u sadistic bastard
 Quoting: US Army MF 1381244

You're in the army because you weren't MAN enough to become a Marine! You didn't have the BALLS. Only the toughest of the tough can make it into the USMC. And you need to realize that when you use the term "Marine" it should ALWAYS be capitalized -- it is a title of HONOR. All you could ever be is a "soldier" and a "GI" -- there are no titles of honor in that ...

"Marine" is a title that is EARNED, and anyone who has served in the USMC carries that title with him or her for life! What title does an army soldier carry? NONE, unless he was a Ranger or in Special Forces ...

And there are no "ex" Marines .. once a Marine always a Marine! Marines aren't pussies ... this was just a mangy wild dog ... only an army/air force pussy would cry over it!
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