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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle Antifuckingsatan
Post Content
you motherfucker, lets analyze this
The puppy gave your position
1.The puppy did not fucking take a training like you bunch of fishead cocksucking cuntholes.
2.And you say the puppies were affected by disease
What are you a Alexanderfuckingfleming and there are more humane ways for treating diseases like those, if that puppy had any.
3.You stand over there like that, a faggot with his dick erected over a cliff, that did not give your position away?
What if your mother, i bet my godfucking ass that she's a filthy whore who gave pussies for a bunch of crackpots
I fucking curse you, you will burn in the fucking hell and your family will die. How? a big truck really big i mean bigger than my dick will run over your fucking wifes head and and your kids will catch aids and loose limbs and i will kil them.
later i will comeback here and post a thread that those kids where terrorists and your wife was a fucking whore informer. How about that pussyface.
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