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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle NeinInfo
Post Content
David Motari and his moronic friend clearly threw that dog for recreational purposes. There was no need to take the puppy and throw it off a cliff. Disease ridden? Giving away a position? Hey, you know what else gives away a position? Video taping animal cruelty, loud laughter, and a whimpering puppy. I wasn't there and rightfully so. I don't belong in the cliffs of Afghanistan, that's not my calling, but I can tell you this dude doesn't deserve the title 'marine.' He doesn't hold a candle to what a marine is. They're brave, intelligent, fair, and definitely not childish. Motari is the opposite of a marine. The sheer amount of arrogance in Motari's "friend" is purely disgraceful. Shit like this makes the media and the media makes the majority's opinion. So if you do something, do it like the world is observing-they usually are. The assumption given by this asshat that civilians live in peace and comfort and happiness because of Motari and company chucking dogs off of cliffs is sad. It's not because of clowns like that, it's because of real troops who do their jobs. I don't whine..I'm too damn old, and critiquing is not a bad thing-if it's done right. Truth is, these two pathetic individuals are hosed and in denial about it.He served in combat? A lot have, and most of them did it better.
What have I done? Not become an internet sensation for my heartless behavior. Not tried to bitch my way out of drama I caused. Not been discharged from the military for my dumb behavior. I've done a lot. Of good. And I will continue to do more as a physician's assistant.
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