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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle Amotion
Post Content
There's obviously a reason Mr. Anonymous won't state his name. He's as big bitch as the puppy thrower. If there are somehow random puppies in the desert that means they are there anyway so they don't give away positions - they're just there! Standing on top of a cliff certainly does - go back to boot camp and learn something. Bitch #1 said he did it because he didn't want to walk the 2 lb puppy (lil bitch I'm a female apparently stronger with more stamina than this so called soldier) the 10 miles back to camp. You said 'he served what have you done?' This bitch obviously didn't serve shit! I have the utmost respect for soldiers but this dude (and apparently you) are not and were never soldiers. He's obviously the type of sociopath to sign up for the military cause he sucked at everything else so figured he kill people and animals and get away with it. Ya'll are so scared to be found online because you know these REAL soldiers in the streets won't leave you standing. We'd be at his door, kidnap him, throw him off a cliff and laugh at him the entire time as he cries like a puppy. You dumb motherfucker 'Anonymous' My names Amotion. You can find me on Patapsco Ave in Brooklyn MD at my business Deep Flow Studios. Apparently - I'm the soldier. I'm not hiding. I will go to war for justice. You need to go back to your mommy's titty where you can keep hiding like the bitch you are with your pussy - ass boyfriend.

410-507-3866 Get at me bitch. Even though I know you never will, pussys never do. But if I find you, I'll have your ass in the hood with the real killers and show you how it's done. Unfortunately you won't make it out to tell about it. But no worries. We'll make sure to shoot a video to send to your family :)
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