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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle Fodbone
Post Content
Being an active duty Marine who has done 3 tours in the Iraq area, I boil what he did down to a lack of good judgement. There are many ways to alleviate a problem with a dog, none of which is pleasant and should never be recorded. The arguments made about position, disease and things of that nature are hard to argue due to ROE's being different in many areas. However, I could honestly say that if the puppy did cause an issue that there were many different actions that could have used. The camera is supposed to be there to record bad guys and other atrocities, not Marines using it to goof off and record stupid acts of cruelty. I think the young Marine got caught up with peer pressure and the fact the camera was in his face. He wanted to be famous but now he is infamous and will have this haunt him. I just pray that his poor judgment with the dog does not reflect his ever day judgement. If so, I am afraid this will not be the last we hear about him. Darwin sometimes plays jokes and doesn't wreak havoc on idiots but on those around the idiots.

If this was, which I don't think it is, a joke or good film editing he might as well had a small child in his hand and done the same thing because that is how the world is perceiving his actions. I don't assume to know what he was thinking at that moment but lets hope I never do. Unfortunately, I think this video will cause this Marine more harm than good. Hope he enjoyed making the film because I think that is as much fun he is going to have for quite some time.

On a parting note, I would like to extend my thanks to all of those that made this film and posted it on the Web. Nothing like adding salt to a gapping wound. Now it is just one more things that solid, hard-charging Marines have to overcome when they come home. I would like to extend my hand to those people, but don't expect a hand shake!
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