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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle What Crap
Post Content
I would love to have the idiot that wrote this under my command, if the writer is for real, after my service in Desert Storm, dodging Iraqi Republican Guard fire, I think I have earned the right to call him a coward, a lier, and embarrassment to US Military Service. And if he is not coward, I would love to have him meet me at Fort Lewis, Washington. The writer is an idiot and a coward, and an embarrassment to the U.S., and I would love to discuss this warrior to warrior. Show me your for real, and not some coward who writes this crap to embarrass the U.S. Military.
What this person wrote is BS, and Lance Corporal Motari should forced out the Corp. and no one should give him a job, ever. Attempting justify this behavior is the height of cowardice if you are for real! I doubt you are, I'm sure he's some coward, that says this to get a reaction.
David Motari should be prosecuted, punished, then spend many years unemployed.
The enemy could not ask for better propaganda.
Show your bravery Marine, meet me in person, or are you like your friend only brave enough to kill a puppy, or write a defense for this A hole's behavior.
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