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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
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During wartime, standards of justice and morality are altered as a measure to justify deviant human action. This is seen throughout the history of warfare. For example, this environment justifies military tactics/strategies that result in the loss of life and both civilians and soldiers find this affect justifiable to the means of war- this is no surprise. However, there is a continuation of utilizing a 'different environment/different circumstance" justification to explain all human actions. Do armies find it acceptable to rape women during war? Yes. Did armies humiliate POW in Iraq? Yes. Do armies find it acceptable to cruelly kill puppies? Apparently so. Just because your circumstances are different, it does not give you the excuse to be entirely inhumane. It doesn't make these actions ok. People recognize the need for soldiers and appreciate your sacrifices. However, does it give you the right to become morally unjust? That dog is a living creature. Would you throw a baby over a cliff because it was giving away your position? Perhaps a more human approach to disposing the animal would have been acceptable. Although, I recognize your argument, do you really think killing that dog in the that manner was necessary? It seems to me that it was for entertainment purposes because you all seemed to have a good laugh over it. It is interesting you find cruelty to animals amusing. In addition, I resent the fact that you think all us civilians sit on our ass all day. The fact that you find us to be unappreciative is insulting. Everyone makes their own sacrifices to different causes everyday (even if it is not your cause). It doesn't give you the right to become arrogant. You are not a martyr.
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