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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle Theodosius
Post Content
As a patriotic American I commend the selfless sacrifice of the brave men serving in our armed forces. I also believe that sacrifices made abroad are acceptable in order to protect our liberty. I am a moderate, independent American but was saddened when watching the gleeful infliction of pain on even a dying animal. Even when taking the psychological strain of war into account, watching a soldier throw a puppy from a cliff (as opposed of a slightly more humane end) only widens the divide between our countrymen and alienates those who fail to see the humor.

Below are public statements made by Lance Cpl Motari; I assume that this puts to rest any doubt that the video is legit.
[link to answers.yahoo.com]

Lance Cpl Motari has pages at social network sites Bebo & Myspace and recently gave his reason for committing the act:

"I want to clear somethings up before tomarrow. This might be hard to believe but I am sorry about the dog. At the time I just really didn't care. When you are constantly under fire sometimes people develope a different sence of humor than what others are used to. That video was from over a year ago and i dont know who put it out there but it wasn't me. It has been a real hard day. I don't know how they got my information...(continued below)

* 3 months ago

Additional Details

3 months ago
..but someone got all my information and i had to disconnect my parents and my girlfriends phone. not to mention i had to redo my myspace because it got hacked. I just want this to end." And: "What, you expect me to carry a stray sick dog from patrol 10+ miles back to camp with me. Did you know that we're not supposed to have dogs? Did you know that there isn't medicine available for animals out there? So what the f-ck do you want me to do with it. It was going to die a slow and horrible death. Sorry you guys saw that, but it wasn't supposed to ever been shown. Usually what happens is we shoot them. I was being "creative" that day and decided to throw the dog instead. If i could take it back, I would. Either way, I did the dog a favor. Sorry if you can't understand that...Look, you guys didn't know that the dog was sick and starving by the road. I was helping it. That dog was going to die anyways."

Thoughts? Opinions? Try to avoid hateful rants please.

3 months ago
Morty, if you look carefully you'll see I made no comment on Lance Cpl Motari's actions, I simply asked for feedback and reproduced his myspace comments. Settle your wee little head.

3 months ago
Plastic Trees: Hi...me? I'm safely tucked away in Australia. No puppy controversies for me.

Er, guy who suggested it was a non-issue? Is there an issue you care about?

3 months ago
People need to read before they respond. Timothy, I said 'allegedly'. The burden of proof doesn't rest with me. If you want to go find the puppy video, it's easy. I just didn't feel inclined to post a link. If it's not real it throws up another interesting situation.
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