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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I know this is late but I just found this thread........

In regards to the other marines trying to explain the reasoning for Motari's actions, you should be ENRAGED at that fucking idiot for making you all look like a bunch of moronic monsters with nothing better to do over there than torture tiny innocent animals. Shall we send over some magnifying glasses for ant hunting too? And as far as the "giving away our positions" story, thats ludicrous. Seems like its being used as an excuse for fucked up retards to torture puppies.

Additionally, I appreciate our troops but I dont think less of myself for not being there. No ones been drafted since Vietnam - they are there by choice. They signed up. You know why I didnt join the military? Because I didnt want to. And being someone thats served in a war doesnt make you a good person or someone that deserves honor. Being a good person is what makes you deserved of being honored. Good people dont torture helpless things. And what does this act say about this persons mentality? Would he do the same with some Iraqi kid that might give away their position? I wouldnt doubt it.

Everyone involved in that situation should be expelled from the USMC, tried for animal cruelty and psycholigically evaluated for mental illness. Add to that assessment incarcerated for making American troops like like sick, heartless, cruel psychopaths. I hope this act follows Motari for the remainder of his pathetic life and he pays for it every day. I also hope someone beats him to within an inch of his life and leaves him in the desert to crawl on broken limbs until he dies of dehydration or a slow internal bleed, as the pup probably did. And thats the truth. Rot in Hell you piece of trash.
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