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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle canislatrans
Post Content
He should be put to death.

You have no idea what what your talking about, listen to you, your worse then him, "he should be put to death". You are the loser in life that probably sits behind your computer with nothing in your life thats worth anything. Your mom and dad probably didnt hug you enough and your a waste of life, what a loser, deal with it. You wish you could be a marine and they probably wouldnt let you in, and so now you like to bash them. Wow, America you have to take a sip of coffee and wake up, you are blinded by some bs that has been talked about in the news. How about this go over there and do something for this country that you so proudly hide behind and make these remarks. Grow some balls if you can't say it to someones face then how about dont say it at all your the cowards that these cowards "insurgents" want to kill and we protect you. I praise you motari for what you have done. Not to many people can do what you have. Having served in iraq and afghanistan myself, i understand, dont let these low lives take anything away from you.
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