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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle Laughing at you
Post Content
I found this in a google search, written by a friend of David Motari's who served with him :

"Anonymous Says:

You think you all know everything. Well i was there. He is my friend. We did that because those dogs gave away our position, and they were disease ridden. The USMC allows us to do such things for our safety, so please just leave this alone, and no we do not do more horrible things than this. You have never been there never will, so sit on your couches and let us do the work that allows you too. Thank You. Jeff grow Up, youre pathetic.
Mar 03, 2008, 8:20 pm"

The dog, along with other dogs, was killed because it could have given away their position to the enemy. It was also likely disease-ridden, maybe had rabies. You guy s don't know , you weren't there , you have no right to second guess what he did. We should just be grateful that we have young men like him who are willing to risk their young lives to protect our great nation and our freedoms. You sit on your asses living in comfort and whine and criticize those who are in harm's way.It stops right now.

I just wish I could shake this young man's hand and say "thank you for your service and sacrifice." He's served in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan ... what have YOU done?
 Quoting: A Real American 292507

Ummm, what sacrifice? These cunts obviously have nothing better to do than make videos of themselves throwing puppies off ravines. And it doesn't "stop right now" you cunt. We're still talking about it, so do something useful with your mouth and go eat a dick.

And another thing, what's up with all these retards spouting off about how nobody cares about the lose of human life vs. that of a puppy? This issue isn't about any humans losing their lives, you illiterate cunts! Pay attention if you want to be a big boy and talk with the adults about this! Or fuck off if you can't read. Nobody said anything about not caring about people being killed in Iraq, so quit trying to drag in something that has absolutely nothing to do with this, you morons. LOL

And going back to this "sacrifice", I don't know about you all, but my freedom wasn't being threatened by Iraqi insurgents before, during, or after (if there ever will be an after) this war. There wasn't a single Iraqi on board any of the 4 planes involved in the 9/11 attacks, read a paper once in awhile! The only sacrifice going on here is our tax dollars paying for these toy soldiers who are "defending our freedom" (I didn't realize I was suddenly and Iraqi citizen) by hurtling dogs off cliffs.

All you pseudo-patriotic cunts out there can nibble on your gun barrels if you don't like it. You of all people know this douchebag wasn't defending anyone's freedom. Face it and get over it.
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