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Message Subject The Truth About Cpl. David Motari "The Puppy Killer"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
too many idiots posting support for an idiot... it is sad that this is what people come to. Let a few, and I do mean 'a few' cause hate and discontent between brothers and sister of every color with lies and deceits pertaining to sensitive issues to/or towards any certain group to offend another. The only control they can have is to defeat what is good. So my dearest friends, flat out, unequivical,if it is not good, a good thing, ends in all matters of goodness, well, it isn't good! Why is that so hard to understand? Why is it so easy that so much disaster can ever come out of doing so much bad? Any of you that has support for this kind of action is not a good person... thats it! The usa so specially equipped with all the super intelligence aparatices that it is so so, ok, not so bad, to act like that AND that is even sadder that there are those that support this... simply.... you all are sick and it is sad to have to be of the same species as you claim to be from! I am sorry you are you. No prayers, just real sorry! Take care. you will need to.
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