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Message Subject Israel needs Nentanyahu not the impotent Olmert
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I also personally believe that Sharron's demise was NOT by accident!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 386536

YOU ARE CORRECT!!! When he betrayed Israelis and GOD by giving away land that GOD gave to the Jews (Judea and Samaria) Kabbalists went to the graves of famous Kabbalists and put the Pulsa Denura ( a big time curse on anyone who goes against GOD's will)on Sharon. Now the poor Jews get kassams shot at them everyday. If I was ruling Israel, I would go into Gaza and KILL THEM ALL!! Those scumbag pork chop overbreeding dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, there never has been a country of "palestine" Even the grand mufti in 1937 told the Peel Commision such. He said that "palestine" was a myth made up by Zionists. He added that his country was always part of syria> Only true words every uttered by a muslim and the last!!!
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