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Message Subject me tel u now so u belive me 15 may
Poster Handle Meteorum
Post Content
OK, apology due.

By way of mea culpa:

Kent Steadman was the founder of the original website btw. It went thru another buyer before it come into ^t^'s hands.

That said, my own intro to the raucous realm here began as a totally clueless newbie, therefore I can see your point about my apparent smugness. I always hated that but it didn't stop me from diving into the pool headlong.

The early pages of this thread and my first encounters with acolyte are a glaring example of my brash naivety, forever there for all to see.

Anyway, acolyte has earned my respect now that I've grasped what the me tel u was based on. The bezerk submarine thread was furtherance of his diligent pursuit of unknown aspects of what some would unwittingly call uber-reality.

More than that, I will say welcome to the swimming hole and happy reading, mate.

 Quoting: Ahim-sa

Okay, but that still doesn't explain what this thread is about. The OP made a post in which he/it/whatever predicted several events. Those predictions are either right or wrong. Same with the bezerk thread. I've seen it, and it is the biggest steaming pile of garbage I've ever read. It was obviously completely made up, yet for some reason people insisted on discussing it as if it were all true.

You're implying these threads are about something more than the subjects they bring up in the original posts. Well then, what is it? You're still being cryptic about that.
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