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Message Subject me tel u now so u belive me 15 may
Poster Handle Summary Goddess
Post Content
OK, I find this interesting. OP says his people (crystal people) are not of this world or this time. He says they have no linear time and do not understand our time. He says that, for him, all time is now.

He states:

- Many things go wrong on the 15th of May because a door opens, with a portal to dark matters that do not undestand earth beings.
- Ariel Sharon will die before 15th of May.
- Nelson Mandela will die before 15th of May.
- Margaret Thatcher will have a stroke before 15th of May.
- Japan will do some kind of war thing before 15th of May , but it will be done secretly.
- Oil gets "very big sickness" and can't be used anymore after 15th of May.
- Bush senior will very sick before 15th of May.
- Dick Cheney will die before 15th of June.
- Obama has an accident before 27th of April.
- "Big sickness" before the 15th of May.
- "Very moving earth" (earthquakes?) on 17th of April. "Many waters come drown."
- Brown cheats before 15th of May.
- Vladimir Putin goes missing after 15th of May.
- Many worried people do crazy things.

OP also states that nothing can be done to mitigate these things and he will be back on the 16th of May to show us the way.
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