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Message Subject me tel u now so u belive me 15 may
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If, and it is a big "if," such wormholes are created, we are still a long way from building a time machine. Firstly, these mini-wormholes will only be big enough to allow sub-atomic particles through. Secondly, they will have the tendency to close up.

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 Quoting: maldoror 381269

"As the Cernier company prepares to test the world’s largest supercollider physicists express concern that too much is being left to chance..... tiny black holes could be produced which hopefully would decay into what is known as Hawking radiation (the tinier the black hole, the faster it evaporates). If these black holes fail to decay, however, the consequences could be disasterous. CERN software developer Ran Livneh has expressed some concerns about the project:
This physical realm is unknown, and dangerous phenomena might arise. Any physicist will tell you that there is no way to prove that generated black holes will decay..."

Thread: ALERT! World’s Largest Supercollider Could Destroy the Universe

We could be in trouble.
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