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Subject How about a short story where god turns out to be some sort of alien machine that creates life
Poster Handle shameless agitating fuck
Post Content
It roams the galaxy planting new seeds while the god like alien creator dudes are off exploring the rest of the universe.
Ya got two machines, the seeder and the recorder, the seeder construct goes about seeding worlds and fucking with the natural development etc until its got a self aware species like us and then it fucks off and repeats said process on another planet. The recorder construct tracks the development of everything after the seeder moves on.
Imagine the seed device as a mobile automated laboratory, all the known sciences mastered along with shitloads that are beyond our understanding, this thing can take crude matter and rearrange atoms to make life, literally sculpting us from the earth, base proteins and single celled organisms are child's play when you have all the time and means in the world. The recorder is harder to imagine, I see it like a swarm or hive, a colony of self multiplying machines that spread out in all directions and observe everything in the galaxy periodically returning to key points every galactic rotation to network and share the information gathered.
The idea being that all the wisdom and power of god is up for grabs and shitloads of alien races, the children are fighting for their parents inheritance, and the fact that everyone is meant to be one big happy galactic family escapes everyone and they have like a thousand years of interplanetary war, death and destruction, all the good parts of the bible on countless alien worlds until someone finds a cute little alien baby god floating among the stars in a pod just like the god constructs.
Its superman crossed with dune and a little star wars but with some actual trippy alien shit.
Like planets with different gravity, er aliens that arent humanoid cuz Im sick of star trek and humans with stuff stuck to their face, bring back FaRsCaPe with the tiny slug dude, now thats a fucking alien, jabba the hutt he was an alien even if he could breath the exact air mixture at the exact air pressure as luke at least he looked like an alien and spoke gibberish.
On stargate everyone on the other side of the wormhole speaks english wtf makes daniel jackson kind of superfluous doesn't it ? wtf they speak english but they cant write it so everything is in ancient egyption or "ancient"
If I want real science fiction I'll watch alien planet, its way cooler.
Me Im just going to open a science book and let that do the work for me instead of making up my own stupid shit I will steal some geeks idea.
Research the science fiction people, people, cuz reality is way trippier than those hacks with cardboard sets can imagine.
Warp speed ahead Mr sulu
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