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Message Subject How about a short story where god turns out to be some sort of alien machine that creates life
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well, your writing style isn't really good. But the idea is quite nice.
You can hang the story on the Rosswell crash of course. The day when they found a 'recorder' and after 70 years they finally figured out what that automated machine was doing. (All in top secret government levels)

You can start off with an alien (very human like) coming to earth. (make up a reason why) contacting 'normal people' ( a cop, preferably a woman with skillz). With connections to that rosswell project that she isn't aware off. (her husband? would be cool). The Alien tells about the seeder and recorder and the war that is sparked to the woman. Who tells it to her husband. Who tells the project. Then bring everything together.

After this point a group has been assembled and set aboard the fixed recorder' The recorder flies off to the central thing... and continue from there...
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