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Charlie Sheen hired with Spitzer's 'Kirsten" and Spitzer to act as "cheerleader"

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/18/2008 01:37 PM
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Charlie Sheen hired with Spitzer's 'Kirsten" and Spitzer to act as "cheerleader"
Charlie Sheen Denies Report He Hired Alleged Spitzer Hooker, Asked Her to Dress as a Cheerleader
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre

Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen is refuting a report that he allegedly hired the same call girl involved in the Eliot Spitzer scandal for a fantasy-themed threesome.

"There was a report out of the U.K. that linked Charlie with 'Kristen' as part of a threesome where 'Kristen' was asked to be a cheerleader," a publicist for the actor told FOXNews.com. "Problem with the report was the alleged cheerleader incident, if it ever even happened, was 15 years ago. So the story is not true."

Pimp Jason Itzler, 41, claims he sent Ashley Alexander Dupre under the name of Victoria and another girl, Cheryl, to Sheen more than two years ago, the Daily Record reported.

He claims Sheen paid $20,000 for a threesome with the girls dressed up as cheerleaders.

Click here for photos of Dupre.

"Sheen got the girls to dress up as cheerleaders and chant his name while performing sex acts. They loved Charlie. They said he was a great guy. A great lover. One time he had them dressed up like cheerleaders, chanting 'Charlie! Charlie! He's our man. If he can't do it, nobody can!'"

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"Kristen" Women of the Emperor's Club New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer Click here to read Heidi Fleiss' views on Charlie Sheen.

Itzler also claims Sheen pretended he was a porn film director and asked the women to act out lesbian scenes for him.

Sheen has admitted using hookers, but denied the story when it broke two years ago.

Click here to read the Daily Record's full report.

User ID: 384893
United States
03/18/2008 01:39 PM
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Re: Charlie Sheen hired with Spitzer's 'Kirsten" and Spitzer to act as "cheerleader"
Do you see what happens? Do you see what happens when you speak out on 9/11?
"I don't know which was scarier...the speech...or the Congress cheering it. He evoked Lincoln. Whenever a President is going to get us into serious trouble...they always use Lincoln."