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Message Subject Why don't birds fly to the moon?
Poster Handle goldielucks
Post Content
Letís see now. If da widdle birdie flapped its wings with sufficient continuous force to propel him/her through space at 50 mph, it would take Öhmmmm

Distance of Earth to moon: 238,000 miles (average distance)

Hours needed to traverse that distance at a wing-breaking 50 mph: 4,760 hours ( 238,000 miles divided by 50 miles/hour equals 4,760 hours).

Number of days to reach the moon: 198 days (4,760 hours divided by 24 hours/day equals 198 days).

Forget the limitations imposed by gravity;
Forget about escape velocity;
Forget about the lack of oxygen.
These concepts, believe it or not, are above the intellectual capacity of a few (????) unenlightened members of our society .

Itís all about the food. Every fridge-raiding, buffet loving, chip dipping, wide butt couch potato on the planet knows that a bird canít go 198 days with no food or water; hell, these finger lickers canít go 4 hours without a 4,000 calorie snack!!! Even those more slender members of our fast-food society can comprehend the nutritional needs of other life forms. They certainly understand that a bird cannot endure 198 days without food or water, especially when it is burning calories at an enormous rate while feverously flapping its wings the entire time.

And when the exhausted bird finally lands on the moon, what in the hell is it supposed to eat? Damn, that would take another 198 days for a return trip to the more hospitable Earth. Birds canít fly to the moon because of the food, and they donít even try because, apparently, they are smarter than some humans.

I hear that there are restaurants on the moon. The food is great, but no atmosphere.
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