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Message Subject Why don't birds fly to the moon?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Someone actually asked this question!?? :O

1. There is no atmosphere in space. A biological organism would simply explode via the oxygen leaving every cell in its body.

2. There is no oxygen in the first place to even let the bird get that far. They would simply pass out and fall to the ground looong before they leave the atmosphere.

3. And they wouldnt even get a chance to live out the step two scenario. At 40,000ft the temperature is -55 C. Even for our feathered friends.. thats 1/3 as cold as liquid nitrogen.

4. Their not that fucking stupid. They are birds.. yet they know better then the op. Shame on you!!
 Quoting: Whatttt 478810

What I find totally weird is that I'm almost to the end of the first page and so far not a single person has mentioned that without air, their wings would not be able to generate lift.

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