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BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?

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United States
07/11/2010 12:06 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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07/14/2010 06:05 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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United States
07/23/2010 04:19 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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United States
08/02/2010 03:47 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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08/04/2010 09:58 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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08/22/2010 01:25 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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United States
08/23/2010 09:58 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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09/13/2010 02:52 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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United States
09/13/2010 06:48 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
To all ---> Since this thread from 2 years ago, based on the revelations of Dr. Neruda & Wingmakers, much, very much, has happened! We now, in 2010, have had Dr. Stephen Hawking on every TV channel including the April 2010 series "INTO THE UNIVERSE" on the Discovery Channel: [link to dsc.discovery.com]

And yes, there is controversy & even speculation that he might be part of a major psy-ops taking place or that he has been placed under NWO evil-Dr. Mad type control mechanisms (Lockeed's brain implants w/ computer AI interface), or perhaps has been substitued with a synthetic robotoid 'replica' ,,, etc).

Even more interesting is that in this past week or so, Dr. Hawking's been on many mainstream news shows + newspaper articles talking about how our concept of GOD is distorted, that a creator was not "needed" to make us or the universe.


For me, I try to not jump on any bandwagons or rocket rides ... nope, been down into several rabbit holes over the years, and am quite cautious about all things. Instead, try to look at stuff from different angles & with open mind & see how it all fits in like connecting dots, puzzle pieces - especially in relation to studies of ancient cultures, mythologies, folklore, archeology and thousands of hours of metaphysical & conspiracy research for many decades + hundreds of sci-fi books & movies (ie. was reading Arthur C Clark in 1960's grade school days).

So focus is the bigger picture and how it interlinks w/ the esoteric - occult stuff of forbidden history and the evil agenda of dark forces + filter of inner awareness / guidance ,,, stuff like knowing that we, the true human/e's = those capable of feeling compassion & generating wisdom, etc have been being severely "tampered with" for thousands of years and that there are truly forces opposed to natural creation, that are like parasites, so on.

As many others, it is my hope & sincere prayer that there truly is some sort of realignment taking place as everything seems to spiral downwards faster & deeper in our world these days ,,,, that we are going to collectively trigger a 100th monkey awakening & magical regeneration = healing (as Tibetans say we can each develop such powers) or be redeemed/harvested by higher/ extradimensional powers into a new era, or on other hand -- perhaps erased & reset into a new paradigm per the Mahakranti teachings as espoused by the Vedas and Hinda/Shiva folks (rather like a robooting the matrix or some would think of a mass upheaval that is like a cosmic blank-slate event, etc)

I feel it is very signficant timing (like 'writing on wall' ?) that Professor Hawking has suddenly became like a household name in past year or 2, and that all of a sudden he is supposedly revealing TRUTH to us, via media, that he & other top scientists are working on stuff, for real, including CERN, that most had thought to be only science fiction & wishful thinking. Then there are the many controversial things too == alien lifeforms & their hypothesized use of very advanced technologies, that TIME TRAVEL is REAL & linked in as an essential component of SPACE TRAVEL (like Hyperdimensional via wormholes, portals), etc.

Another high-profile person who started talking about very amazing things in the media, back a few years ago was the old-time radio personality, Paul Harvey. In 2005, he did a show on TELEPORTATION and was relaying how the USA was lagging behind other countries in this field. He named the research program at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, told that Dr. Mead was the Director Scientist in charge + some other details ... this was on my car radio that afternoon while driving in an ice storm in DFW area of Texas. I was so shocked that had to pull over to listen or else would wreck out ... just couldn't believe this was on the radio, think it was KRLD 1080 AM. And there were others heard that show too --- here's one thread I found searching on Bing:

[link to www.collectspace.com]

So, encourage all to at least think about the implications of all this happening; what is now transpiring in our overall awakening ,,, advise to try to go past the lower level stuff we inudated with ---- > like all the ongoing cataclysms, mass disasters, earthchange events, all the chaos & bickering among religions & governments + the lunatics with the extreme "beliefs", the many huge cover-ups like 9-11, secret warfare attacks & machines like HAARP + CERN that we have yet to be told the real purpose & what for yet we pay the $$$$$ for them (???) , and all the political BS & the NWO/Illuminati agendas & ongoing black operations + deceptions, etc - etc - etc.

So I give this thread a BUMP & here's copy of my old post from page 3.

Blessings, Prayers, Upliftment for all sentient creation!


Quoting Self from 2008: Note how CERN was not even known of then in '08 & I wrote in my post of how anti-matter was being researched at FERMI LABS back then ... wow !


This is very important topic and concept of altering time/space, generating realities (aka "blank slate") is not bullshit as some would like to push forth who are not of the service to others STS heart.

First: it's no big secret that many know they have incarnated here in this hell-world realm for some reason ... otherwise sure wouldn't be hanging out here in this purgatory place! Like being on a soul assignment with specific purposes to accomplish. Furthermore, there are lots of folks here + other forums who talk about how they've always *KNOWN* , since very young ,that something HUGE would be taking place later in their lives. That this event was big part of why being here on Earth at this time ... that it would be something that the entire future of everything would hinge on ... meaning what would transpire with this upcoming cycle event now soon or ??? (like along lines of saving divine creation; survival of humanity?)! Many have unusual life experiences, childhood ET contact events, deja'vu & psychic abilities, dreams that come real in every detail, + other mystical things always happening ... star child types.

Likely some reading this right now know exactly what this is about & have inner knowingness & unusual / powerful experiences ... deep desires to explore & question things, be creative , and are different in ways where they don't fit in well with whats considered ordinary society & all the sheople stuff.

Many believe in the theories about how this place is a matrix realm superimposed over another reality = false paradigm. Some speak of other dimensions made up of other particles that occupy the same framework of time & space. Some of those that write on such topics are Dan Winter (& cohorts), William Henry (mythologist) + others of that genre'.

The most important aspect of all this is just exactly where we, humanity + earth, seem to be heading on the now accelerating rocket ride into the unknown territory that we're collectively heading into! Ha .. and with the ones we have sitting at the helm, the mad_______ (fill in blank) that are in the global driver's seat at this time, well - things are looking mighty damned scary if ya ask me!

Based on studies of earth's most ancient cultures, it looks that the Wingmakers' info is pretty much on target & in line with other ancient teachings and archeological findings. It's more than evident that ET beings ... NAGA serpents and such, have been around and taken advantage of things in the ancient past; their remnant temples & lots of myths + ancient texts telling about them are scattered all about the planet , HA --tho it appears that the ptb's would rather keep that little secret buried under their hat (but lately the cats gotten out anyhow, especially since Internet came about)... guess they may want it kept secret since the ptb's just might be either some eNAGA relatives or are taking marching orders from 'em. But of course, that's just my humble opinion /

It sure as hell wouldn't surprise me or others one bit to find that there is all sorts of techno and inter/ intradimensional shenanigans going on ... manipulation of timelines, travel into other dimensions and bigtime fooling around behind the atmic-screen veil of etheric reality quantum soup particles, etc.

I mean heck, how many years has it been now since the ptb scientist horde announced generating ANTI-MATTER at their Fermi labs in Europe, huh? And what's with all these RHIC units all over the place ... go look up some of those programs that appear to be sitting over key vortex areas.


One thing is certain, everyone is becoming very aware, within all levels of society, that there is increasing sense of CHAOS taking place, an uncertainty, as if everything is suddenly being shaken up or falling apart! Not only in areas like economy instability but also there is breaking down, failure taking place in all the essential natural systems. And more social systems seem to be on brink of downfall - health care, job markets, deepening energy crisis, water & food resources depleted &/or adulterated, threat of biological armageddon, imminent threats of warfare attacks, stuff happening on all levels on & on!

There's plenty of rumors about secret agendas & setting the stage for the next phase of 'the plan' by ptb puppets + overlord rulers (who, reportedly, are now in-fighting & back-stabbing one another viciously) .. but some sources say there is for real a Galactic Posse on the upswing to flush the devil snakes outta here... so ??? Seems some of the evils are in-fighting for some 'thing' called the ATU-WAA, ancient time generator : [link to www.xeeatwelve.com] -- maybe it came from ancient ATLANTIS that coulda been that region around Atlanta (USA) & where are the mystery Georgia Guidestones ,,, heard that there is extinct Indian tribe and certain areas there with that same name phonetically: Atu-Waa ... hmmmmmm

Tibet - yup, the Tibetans known plenty about BLANK SLATE stuff for thousands of years ... they practice it regular --- as the "Jedi Pillar" is built right in to the human spine = Kundalini force (as William Henry tells it)... So anyone takes some $ to buy the Tibet books and reads up on the ancient teachings finds out this been truth all along.

Seems that the ptb puppets been told that word is getting out and now they plan to finish job of annihilation of those Tibet peoples, specifically + deliberately ---> as moving in the army tanks right now. They must rid them for the Tibetan race, like Hopi Indians + other most ancient tribal remnants from past epochs, hold many key truths essential for survival - ascension - enlightment of humanity = the keys to activate DNA potential = change this reality, banish the parasite worms!

Secret Key is ... HUE-MAN EN-LIGHT-EN-MEN'T = "Rainbow Body" ... Diamond Thunderbolt path of Dzogchen - very tried, very true! ... but there are other paths, other ways ... if one seeks with sincere heart and clears all attachments, store not up yor treasures here in this place!


True spiritual self-realization = blank slate activates automatic. Go read some 'Autobiography" by Paramahansa Yogananda to get started if you be in the dark on such stuff as this.

And then maybe seek out to learn "terma teachings" hidden by 8th Century Tibetan Master Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) --- see HH Dilgo Khyense Rinpoche:
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

"BLANK SLATE" consciousness-directed creation is not a technology but it is the only option for those of non-human DNA who do not possess the *cosmic firepower* to light the rocket as Dan Winter explains very much:
[link to www.earthportals.com]
[link to www.earthportals.com]

Master Index: [link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]

Same teachings in the Vedas too.

Read everything by Lama Govinda - search Amazon books.

Also ... "Magic & Mystery in Tibet" by Madame Alexandra David-Neel from back over 100 years ago

Yep,,,, TIBET/ NEPAL/ AFGNHANISTAN/ KASHMIR - all that region on the planet is now in bad warfare & spreading like wildfire = why ? huh. Anybody out there care to know truth about what's so special with that part of Earth at this time? Well, there is VERY special signficance so go do a little search on The Google "Tibet + put in key words like Hurtak" and have fun.

TECHNO-REALITIES: [link to www.angelfire.com]

Might be some ya'll would wanta fetch that Dr. J J Hurtak's book: 'The Keys of Enoch, the Book of Knowledge' [link to www.keysofenoch.org] --- it could come in mighty handy as it has what to watch for with the layoosh vortex tunnels and 'the map' showing layout of the new gridlines + the Heart of Dove = the zones that will have the points of light safe centers during the Pole Shift.

Speaking of Pole Shift, anybody notice we had *5* GRB's [gamma ray bursts] = cosmic rays hit just in 1 day this week = galactic machine gun salvo of massive cosmic energies flooding this realm all at once... put that in your pipe and smoke on it while pondering if some BLANK SLATE action at the last minute just might shoot us outta this joint - like during a Pole Shift - huh?

[link to www.etheric.com]

Everything happening is being accelerated so rapidly now ... surely to GOD some you all are sensing this?

Amazing signs going on are all over the place so as to *hopefully* alert and awaken all the 'planet of the apes' types to the truth of all things ... the alarm bells are a ringing loud & clear but do any hear cosmic warnings or see writings on the wall?

Wondering, just why is it that some folks ... DO NOT WANT ANY ONE TO READ THIS STUFF OR THINK ABOUT IT OR EVEN DISCUSS IT OR ANY OTHER MATERIALS OF THIS TYPE ... hmmm,,,, just wondering why .... how those types seem to just pop up here & there like clockwork ... trying to convince whoever comes along that they should avoid certain knowledge ... never entertain ideas that would be to the contrary of the sheople world-control mindset , huh?

Apparently, the ancient worlds of past epochs were vastly different than from what most human people have been *led* to believe .. so different that very few can even contain such imaginings as it might blow up their puny brains!
That worlds in ancient time were really more as what's been portrayed in STAR WARS movies, YEP ... and many completely destroyed by evil civilizations using advanced technology and portals for star travel, etc.

And note: "led to believe" is exactly the modus operandi of those evil entities (remnants of which are now Earth's elite, the so-called royalty priviledge class) who are sneaky snake types and care only to benefit their self from such contrived arrangments = enslaving humans as work-animals while covertly set themselves up as a "chosen race" or kingly bloodline etc. And in so doing, deliberately manipulate and keep as much truth hidden as possible, especially about the true pecking orders and who rules the roost.

The evil overlord "masters" ----> deliberately creating complex caste systems of social order, false divisions among tribes & nations, consorting to manufacture massive false flag operations - thus triggering suffering along with profitable warfare, manipulating global resources and wealth amongst themselves. They use mass deception, mass murder, and every form of evil far, far beyond human imagination. Set up false churches and disguise themselves so as to accomplish sinister purposes of control, disempowerment, impoverishment, and bring about harm & suffering and endless warfare and the illusions of mortal death to the enslaved masses.


Yeah, this is a lot, but it will be of benefit for sure --- welcome to my expanding world - so copy and save later, for maybe a rainy day, one with no chores waiting and bit 'o time to surf around.

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09/15/2010 11:17 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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09/18/2010 06:01 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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User ID: 1174847
11/26/2010 12:15 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
Humm... well, all "realities"/space-time ratios are in effect Holodeck phenomena of complex oscillating entities' manifest production observership.

This post doesnt even make literal sense. Nice use of adjectives though.

If you want people to believe what you say, learn how to type.

Just because you're retarded doesn't mean others are. It makes perfect sense to the cognoscenti.

Here, let me put it in laymen's terms: physical reality is a "concocted observation" of every observer(whom are complex in makeup, oscillating in function, and existing entities) who participates/exists in it.

And no, I don't care if you, or anyone else, believes what I say.

Carry on.

 Quoting: N.M. Bachman

How about the idle mind is the devils workshop go and do some work guys
User ID: 1186151
Russian Federation
12/06/2010 12:15 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?

I really love this forum. Greetings!
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United Kingdom
12/21/2010 07:25 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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07/24/2011 01:33 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1480927
07/24/2011 02:49 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
wank state technology ?

i mean thats wat we do all day isnt it while a few old rich guys print money and monkey fk all the prostitues (women)

any techonoly and free energy is totaly bllfk when the economic system is a complete

User ID: 2771343
10/06/2011 10:46 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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11/11/2011 09:11 PM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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User ID: 13888593
04/06/2012 08:43 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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04/10/2012 09:10 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
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United States
11/29/2012 02:39 AM
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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
Calling Fifteen...

Let's chat
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."

User ID: 29412599
United States
08/16/2013 10:48 PM

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Re: BST: Blank Slate Technology or Bull Shit Technology?
"Accept now that all you have seen from the day of your birth on the surface of the earth, to the present, are wonderful only because the finite mind of man is confused with fragments of evidence, that, from whatever direction we meet them, spring from an unreachable infinity."
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