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Message Subject Spawned from CERN Large Hadron Collider ---New "Grid" Internet to be 10,000 times faster than Broadband!
Poster Handle Billy Joel
Post Content
I think everyone would agree that CERN is not an evil organization, that they've done many truly great things for science and technology. But yeah, the LHC is a pretty big limb to step out on considering the possible (if remote) chances of it destroying the world.

It's kinda funny, people talk about the end of the world from nuclear war, asteroids, super volcanoes, pole shifts, or whatever, but those actually will "only" destroy human civilization for the time being. The LHC could literally DESTROY THE PLANET. And it's happening, and it's not based on woo-woo alarmism. And yet it doesn't get the same attention as the other more sensationalist doom stuff (although attention has been increasing as the startup nears).
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