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Message Subject Alien Contact and changes in Human Blood - Abnormal CK Levels
Poster Handle elevated ck levels
Post Content
I always have kidded family and friends that I was a hybrid since I was born at the very end of 1947, the same year as Roswell. Now, I wonder, especially after just seeing the Alien Contact and changes in Human Blood on Ufo Hunters. I, too, have elevated CK levels. Right now it hovers above 2500 and earlier this year was as high as 4600 after completing an Internship for Grad school. I was born near Aberdeen proving Ground...in Maryland...I dont remember, but after seeing about 50 physicians since this elevation began in 1987, none have any idea what it is or how to stop it...no response to steroids like normal people would...any more ideas? please share them...hobbyhorselady
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