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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle lamâshtu
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Is it TRUE that the new 'collider' at CERN is spawning a new worldwide super-wide.. super-fast broadband 'world-wide-web' system? I caught the end of sommat on the end of 'The Gadget Show' on UK-TVs Channel 5 about it. It's already set-up, so that physicists in British Universities can 'see' what's going on as the 'sub-atomic particles' smash into each other over this super-fast.. super-broadband.. system. How long before us mere mortals can hook up to it?
 Quoting: some bloke in england 413093

kind of. but it's more about decentralized processing and storage than actual line speed. it will of course have to work over existing infrastructure, so it isn't about building a new worldwide super fast broadband network really.

[link to lcg.web.cern.ch]
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