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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle SozzledBoot
Post Content
I have always believed that high energies open doors!

In the mid 1960's, a team of electrical engineers servicing the power turbines at Sir Adam Beck Generating Plant No. 2 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada encountered a strange phenomenon that was subsequently reported in the engineering journal they had circulating during those years.

I no longer recall the details, but to the best of my recollection, as the maintenance schedule on the turbines was nearing completion, the engineers turned the machines on and slowly began to bring them up to speed and syncronization with each other.

These machines produce a tremendous amount of electromagnetic energy which radiates outward in every direction from the floor of the plant.

Note that as an experiment, if you were to walk underneath the publicly visible high-tension lines that immediately pass outward and onto transmission towers from the transformer station, a simple flourescent tube held high in the air will begin to glow without any apparent source of power (the Tesla effect). Of course this effect is best observed at night.

As the machines began to sync together, a vague white odorless fog was observed that seemed to permeate the space immediately around the structures of the turbines. As surprised engineers looked on, imagery began to appear within the cloud of fog. This imagery became more and more defined until eventually it took on a definite and clear form.

What was seen and sworn to by the engineers in attendance was that of a floating image of a woman dressed in what appeared to be ancient Egyptian garb. She was reclining on what looked like an ancient Egyptian couch. Whether or not the image was in color, or if it was interactive or moving is not mentioned. She appeared to have a blank stare on her face.

However after a few seconds or minutes, both the image and the fog dissipated and never appeared again.

The event was established beyond doubt to the point where it was written up as an interesting sidenote in the engineer's journal.

I had a friend who worked at the plant and he told me many fascinating tales about those turbines.

One such story is how whenever a main circuit breaker is being opened, the leaking electricity will roar like a jet aircraft taking off right there in the main plant.

Electricity and magnetic fields give me the creeps.

The almost unbelievable magnetic and electric fields being produced by CERN's LHC is definitely not good news. Look at the history of the pioneer's of uranium products.

Think 'stargate' or think 'welcome to hell'.
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