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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle SozzledBoot
Post Content
It gets even stranger.

The Toronto Globe & Mail as well as the Niagara Falls Evening Review published reports on it.

The local library in Niagara Falls has microfiche on those papers going back to the turn of the century. However, I am unable to physically get there as I am retired and do not have a car.

I can, however, contact the head of the historical research department there and inquire further.

It will take some wordsmithing between us to narrow down what it is she is going to attempt to look for. I hate putting that burden on someone who doesn't even know what I may be referring to.

Other than that, the Engineering Journal put out by the IEEE is still talking about the 1965 blackout - the blackout that couldn't happen but did.

Here is a picture of the Sir Adam Beck Plants:

[link to www.opg.com]

I was inside.

Here is another curious article about the blackout:

[link to www.virtuallystrange.net]

Maybe I should start a new thread. We can summon the combined search power of the GP posters.
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