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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle CERN Observer
Post Content
My questions

a) To whose benefit is this technology?
b) How do you design technology that has unknown result?
c) How do you get funding for technology yielding unknown result?
d) Who is accountable for an unintended consequence having global impacts?

This whole ill-advised venture smacks of provided requirement.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 376839

a) - Reptilian drakos, zeta reticulan greys that have aligned with the reptilians, their assorted allies (some humanoid, some not), those of the dark side that have been imprisoned/quarantined/banished to earth in astral and alternate dimensions (from where they have had access to us at will), and the so-called earthly elite who are controlled like puppets from another dimension anyway -not in the Icke style of shape-shifters but more like demonic possession. They obviously wish to escape before the forthcoming inevitable events bring forth their demise.

b) - The technology that they have is so far in advance of earth originated technology that the end result is only unknown to human scientists. Many of them (the scientists) are even unaware of the what they have actually built. They are just little pawns anyway.
Your question could relate to any black project technology that is kept quiet from the average public and even the scientific community.

c) - The same way that all black project or dangerous weapons that work against humanity is funded - endless trillions available from the wealth mined and stolen from humanity since day one. Pennies to them and just a tool in the charade for public scrutiny.

d) - If humans have been unable to find those responsible for 911 when it is so patently obvious to even the lowliest truth seeker, then those that are responsible in the human ranks are not too worried about the consequences. The beings that have been imprisoned/ quarantined here are not even vaguely concerned with the end results to others on earth. They seek release before their demise and are most dangerous and reckless.

Earth humans will most definitely need help from beyond their veil in order to prevent this as this is larger than them at this late stage and there is extreme desperation involved. The so-called alien wars continue. The dark one's can never win but they will try to create much destruction and will try to take as many out as they can while cornered. This is not science fiction anymore.

Is it one end of an alien elevator or something?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 376839

More like an escape hatch or tunnel.
take of this as you will but at least give it some inner thought before listening to the fools that keep babbling on about god particles and anti-matter with such casual abandon. The kind of things that are quite alien to them but of course they must do their jobs and quite the public outcry.
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