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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm lost!
What would he be covering???
 Quoting: RonOh 391651

Maybe if he truly works there and has a position of influence and the knowledge to speak about the goings on (and the compassion to tell others) he would do so VERY anonymously. I'm sure ratting on the dark labs clandestine doings would not be in an employess best interest to do traceably. For all we know, he could be doing this from a public library or a stolen blackberry to remain anonymous and off their radar. I mean, if he truly is a physicist employed there, why would he admit to that? Why would he use the correct technical terms they use? Why would he bother trying to sound 100% legit when that would greatly be to his disadvantage? I think the typos and "thingy ma bopper" jargon are like a cat covering shit in a litter box. He dosen't want to be smelled, if this is legit...and with the scope and magnitude to the activities going on there and security level, whay the hell would he want to?
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