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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My questions

a) To whose benefit is this technology?
b) How do you design technology that has unknown result?
c) How do you get funding for technology yielding unknown result?
d) Who is accountable for an unintended consequence having global impacts?

This whole ill-advised venture smacks of provided requirement.

a) - Reptilian drakos, zeta reticulan greys that have aligned with the reptilians, their assorted allies (some humanoid, some not), those of the dark side that have been imprisoned/quarantined/banished to earth in astral and alternate dimensions (from where they have had access to us at will), and the so-called earthly elite who are controlled like puppets from another dimension anyway -not in the Icke style of shape-shifters but more like demonic possession. They obviously wish to escape before the forthcoming inevitable events bring forth their demise.
 Quoting: CERN Observer 288438

"The animusae are coming into our physical universe and joining with the herpisaurian race to renew their old battle against humanity. Right now the animusae are demons in the astral realm that have wreaked havoc upon the Earth by inhabiting bodies... i.e. demon possession... of many powerful leaders as well as ordinary people, that is the ones who are not already shape shifting reptilians.

The reptilian bloodline is alive today running things. Many of the popes were shapeshifting reptilians. If our pineal glands were fully functional we would see them! Watch "They Live" and you will see this truth portrayed in drama form."

[link to www.geocities.com]
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