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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The real agenda behind CERN is to find the elusive Higgs particle (or several), which is postulated to exist for almost 50 years now.
The other hope is to find supersymmetric (Susy) particles, which are postulated for more than 30 years but haven't been found so far and the theory hasn't been confirmed yet, while being fundamental for string theory e.g.. With other words, if Higgs is not found our standard model of elementary particles is wrong and if Susy-particles aren't found, string theory is nonsense and several 1000 guys worlswide working in this field better search for a new job.

Everything else (magnetic monopoles, mini-black-holes and such exotics) most physicists don't believe in seriously.

And another thing: Everyone can visit CERN, take part in workshops, talks, seminars, ask the scientists questions personally, etc. CERN is totally free concerning information. But, of course, they are not giving away unconfirmed information and rumors, when they go public it is confirmed up to 99% level, that's traditionally physicists style and CERN's policy anyways.

The biggest sensation would be if they don't find anything and this is what most physicists are really hoping.
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