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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To those that do not wish to believe that reptilians are behind this and are just not ready for such things, believe me you will need to get used to the idea very soon whether you like it or not. They are here and have been here for far longer than your present earthly incarnation. It is time to start dealing with this problem or face being forever trapped in endless reincarnational cycles that you did not need to repeat. Yes the reptilians are holding us back and manipulating us and are continuing their trickery in order to do so.
Whether you believe or not - Bottom line -
We the People of Earth were not asked for permission at any level to conduct experiments that have global/galactic implications on souls of free will.
It is time for us to step up and start to interfere with them. With the power of our global consciousness we can disable their machines and put a serious spoke in their wheel of fire. We have much unseen help surrounding us and willing us on.

It is time to start taking out CERN and HAARP and their evil orbiting satellites of control and destruction that stare down at us with the evil eye.

We have the power...You have the power. Let us stop playing the victim role.

The tables are about to be turned.
 Quoting: Di-CERN 297142


Good intelligence and well said!.The system is the ultimate trap and not easy to escape from.People are scared to act.I notice more and more of these evils beeings.
emons invaded our realm...

I am exactly as you.
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