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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi guys.

I have a new blog which I will post what I see going on and hearing while working at cern. I am realizing the seriousness of the situation more and more.
Here is the URL
[link to www.cernwatch.com]

When your on this site don't forget to press CRTL+D it will bookmark it for you. Or drag the site to your tool bar.

Its hard to find a WIFI access point that is not owned by cern so midday posts may be out of the question unless something big really occurs. I have a pocket PALM PC and a regular desktop at my apartment.

I am off to bed now. I'll come back now and then to post.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 410574

Well, okay, then. Do you think the increase in security could be from those that disagree with what CERN could be doing? It's all heresy, it seems.

You aren't afraid of losing your place of employment I take it?

So far, nothing you've revealed has revealed anything.

Thanks for your concern.
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